‘The Rocks’

I don’t have anything special to report.  This is only a reminder.  For weeks now I’ve been caught up with my own, disjointed thoughts and have let a lot of other important things take a backseat.  I realize that much of the joy of the day to day can escape you when you’re in this state of mind.  This quick message is for all the friends and family that have been listening to my whining and cockamamy schemes.  All of these people help me in their own way.  The day I want for nothing and feel completely ‘settled’ will likely never come, but I count my lucky stars that I have so many great people in my life to lean on when the weather is…stormy(?)  Hope you all have a wonderful day and know that every meeting, talk and memory we share is special to me. *Below are a few photos from nearby ‘Red Rock.’

Quick breather at Red Rock

Quick breather at Red Rock




4 thoughts on “‘The Rocks’

  1. I don’t think anyone is ever truly settled. There is always an alternate something we are searching for and that’s healthy. It keeps us moving forward. Thanks to you too Joe for also being that sounding board. It’s not whining it’s just looking for another perspective. Nice pics too. Reminds me of a pic I have of you on a rock 🙂

    • Bron, always nice to hear a reassuring voice. Feeling loads better the last few days. And thank you, ref photos. I think I know just the one you’re thinking of! 😛 Hope you had a great weekend!

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