‘We want the Funk, don’t we?’

My new buddy Vanessa and her boyfriend Alex kindly invited me to join them last nite for a Funk concert.  I really didn’t know what that meant, but I decided to go anyway.  The show was at a venue near downtown called ‘Bluebird.’  I’d never seen it before, but apparently it’s a well known place in these parts.  Turned out to be a very cool spot.  Big enough, but still intimate.

'Blue Biiiiirrrrd, on my SHouldeerrrr...'

‘Blue Biiiiirrrrd, on my SHouldeerrrr…’

As you can see on the marque, the band featured was ‘Pimps of Joytime.’  If I’m to be honest, funk really isn’t my cup of tea, but, I absolutely did enjoy it!  It was nice to be out, and there were some fun beats in the mix.  If anything, it has awoken the sleeping dragon (ME) to other possibilities.  There are plenty of live acts that pass through this town and I want to start checking them out, so a big thank you to Vanessa and Alex for getting me out of my cave!  Looking forward to doing it again.


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