‘Keep’n the Faith’

You got yourself 3 or 4 good pals, well then, you’ve got yourself a tribe, and there ain’t noth’n stronger than that.‘ – Young Guns

'Texas Black' in 'Tanked,' coming this fall...

‘Texas Black’ in ‘Tanked,’ coming this fall…

This one goes out to my pal Marcus W., a.k.a. ‘Texas Black.’  Marcus and I met at Florida State University in 1999.  You really never know which people you cross paths that will stick and Marcus was no exception, but here we are 15 years later.  This is a real comfort to me, because Marcus is one of the better people I know.  He’s also one of, if not the most, intelligent friends I have, and not just in the academic sense.  When I’m feeling like someone slipped me a crazy pill, Marcus is usually my go-to.  After a quick phone call, I hang up feeling a little better about the world, and that’s invaluable.  The song below was one we listened to a great deal in college.  In it there is a line that Marcus and I were recently commenting on.  It says, ‘the good ol’ days weren’t always good and tomorrow’s not as bad as it seems.’  Something to keep in mind the next time you too feel like you’re living in world gone mad.  Here’s to keep’n the faith, Marcus!


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