‘An Officer and a Gentleman’

'Officer Stewart'

‘Officer Stewart’

A very Happy Birthday to my brother Cody.  Today he becomes a…26 year old. :oD  Cody, I don’ know what you’re up to tonite, but I’m sorry I’m not there to celebrate with you.  Know that I think of you often and have a good deal of respect for the kind of man you’ve become.  It’s very easy to get lost with calloused, self serving pursuits in this world, but you’ve stayed the course; this makes me proud.  I regret not being more of a mentor for you, but I think you know that you can ALWAYS call upon me when you want or need to!  Have a wonderful day, hermano!



P.S. Get your butt over to Denver ASAP!

'Same Same, but different.'

‘Same Same, but different.’


2 thoughts on “‘An Officer and a Gentleman’

  1. JB and his favorite fruit! 🍌.
    You have such a beautiful way with words, I wish I could bottle it. Thank you for saying such nice things about your brother. You have mentored him in subtle ways. Eating healthy and being cool under pressure comes to mind.. Lol He knows you will always be there for him if need be.
    I hope you’re doing well and staying warm at 18 degrees!
    Love you!
    Brenda & Dad

    • Brenda, would you believe I haven’t had a banana for months!? I feel funny about the idea, especially when it’s in the teens outside. 😛

      And let me thank YOU for saying such nice things. Really made my morning. Incidentally, have a wonderful day! I’m off to brave the the storm!

      Love you too!

      JB, out….

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