‘Here in a Flurry’

'Personal escort to the End Zone'

‘Personal escort to the End Zone’

I’d seen it on television plenty, have even played around in it on a number of occasions, but never have I had the opportunity to play football in the snow…until yesterday that is!  After a relatively balmy morning, the weather made a rather drastic change and it started snowing.  First lightly, then pretty heavily.  It might be a little dramatic to call throwing football in the snow one of my ‘life long dreams,’ but it was definitely on my list of ‘hmm…wonder how fun that would be?’  Well, now I’ve got my answer and here it is…VERY fun it turns out!  It’s extra nice when you’re doing it on your work break.  I had been up since 2am and felt as though I was sleepwalking all morning.  Not exactly tired, but not entirely present.  Once I was out on the frozen tundra playing though, I came right back to life.  I don’t know if it’ll be a regular thing, but I was grateful for the simple, but special moment.  A big thank you to Dave and Sisay, both of whom also served in ‘the Corps’ I might add, for not being (your own derogatory term here) and coming out with me! 😀

'Touchdown Jesus'

‘Touchdown Jesus’


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