‘The Prince Returns!’

'Matsubara Crew (-Danard)'

‘Monday Nite Matsubara Crew (-Danard)’

A true blast from the past.  Nima Sobhani, a.k.a. ‘Prince,’ came in like a tornado, but has laid low for number of years now.  We met in Osaka on the basketball court roughly seven years ago and, truth be told, when we first crossed paths, I was a little put off.  Nima is the type of guy that is, and take this in which the spirit it is intended, overly friendly.  Some may argue this, but I’m quite the opposite, preferring instead to feel people out, so to speak.  Though I’m not outwardly rude when I meet new people, I definitely don’t welcome them with open arms either.  Nima however, rushes in, not only with open arms, but with an open heart.

Well, I’m very happy to report that, after many years in friendship exile, Nima sprang from abyss and contacted me the other day.  It might have been one of the few times I was truly happy to have a Facebook account.  I could hardly believe my eyes when I saw his name pop up.  ‘Joe???,’ it read.  I was smiling ear to ear.  Though we only really hung out for a year (it really seemed a LOT longer), Nima left an impact on me, one that I carry to this day.  It might have been the powerful cologne he wore (even on the basketball court, I might add), the well manicured facial hair that has puzzled our friend Russ and myself for years, or his genuine, infectious smile, but I don’t think it’s any of those things. I think what struck me most about him was that he was a truly good spirit, and I don’t believe you come across those types every day. He was always willing to help a friend out, and the guy has a lot of friends. Sure, you might have to hear about it for the rest of your life, like the time he accompanied me to the emergency room after I busted open my chin during our weekly, late nite basketball in Matsubara (a funny side story incidentally), but he was always there to support. I appreciated that then, and I appreciate it now.

'The Masked Man'

‘The Masked Man’

Nima, it’s great to have you back, amigo!  In light of the surprise, I got my hands on an old video Russ had squirreled away.  Hope you like it.

One more thing….I want a rematch!!!

Your friend,


P.S. I have another version of this video that got the hook from youtube because of a music copy-write issue.  It was ‘Kiss’ by your boy, Prince.  Get dropbox up so I can send it.  At least three times better than the version below!


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