‘Tis the Season’



I’ve spent the last four and a half hours a the local library ‘researching’ x number of things.  I didn’t allow myself one fun activity this weekend, save a rather vigorous gym session last nite.  Something has got to give.  I’ve got the itch and I don’t even know how to begin scratching it.  People close to me continue to tell me to be patient, but their words aren’t sinking into my thick skull.  It’s been quite remarkable actually.


6 thoughts on “‘Tis the Season’

  1. Let’s be honest, you knew this wasn’t going to be a permanent gig. I went to continue my last messenger convo with you only to find that you are now known as ‘Facebook User’. You lasted longer than any of us thought. Will send you an email soon. Until then, you better get something for that itch – it looks nasty 😉

    • So many funny anecdotes for you, but for this, I’ll keep it neat. Ah, hehe. Ref, I thought you’d be proud for lasting as long as I did. I just put it to sleep. I think I have a few days before it’s totally gone. We’ve got to get a Skype going here when you get a breather. Have a great day! xo, Joe P.S. ref itch, you’ve no idea! 😀

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