‘Silent Nite’

17:10, Christmas Eve:

Not exactly the way I’d envisioned spending my first Christmas, but here we are.  I’m sitting, arse half asleep, at a Starbucks (a necessary evil of late, since this is one of the few spots and I can use the internet).  After this I’ll probably go buy a beer or two and then proceed to drink said beer or two, clean the apartment, because, quite frankly, for the past two weeks it has looked like a wild animal has been inhabiting it.  And once that’s all sorted, it’ll be dinner (home cooked by yours truly), a little bit of reading and then we’ll call it a wrap!


No doubt my mom will read this and cringe.  That is absolutely not my intent (sorry in advance, mom!).  I just want this to be a reminder to myself that I won’t be doing this again this time next year.

Wherever my friends and family are tonite, I hope they are healthy and happy!

Merry Christmas to all….


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