‘White Friday’

Alright everyone, no more moping around for the Joe; Christmas is over.  I spent the better half of yesterday doing a little housework and a lot of introspection.  At some point that grew tiresome and I began staring out my bedroom window and noticed it was snowing.  It was beautiful, and since I didn’t want to be sitting home all day on Christmas, against my better judgement I suited up and hit the road.  It was my first ‘White Christmas,’ after all.

If there’s one place I am ALWAYS welcome, it’s the local movie theater and that’s where I found myself, in line with about 800 other people to see Into the Woods.  I really didn’t know it was such a thing, going to the movies on Christmas?  I’d have guessed half the town was there.  Anyway, those who know of my movie theater ‘tricks’ would be pleased to learn that, despite the crowd, I was able to get my regular seat!

The movie was fun, but I was there for the energy.  Once it finished, I was ready to head back to my cave.  When I exited to the movie theater however, I noticed that the flurries I found so charming when I entered the theater had morphed into a dumping snow storm.  I heard the crowd around me canceling plans left and right.

At this point in my Colorado journey, I’ve only driven in the snow a handful of times, which is to say, I’m no expert.  I am more accustomed to it than I was when I started, however,  so when I found myself sliding all over the road, even though I was being extremely cautious and going under 30 miles an hour, I had a feeling that I was in for an adventure.

When I made it to the intersection I turn off to get to my apartment, there was a three car pile up, with one of the cars straddling the median.  Clearly, I wasn’t the only one having trouble with the conditions.  I was nearly home though, well under a mile to go, but was not ‘out of the woods’ yet.  There was one last hurdle…’The Hill!’  I remember thinking the hill would be a problem when I first moved in three months ago, but I was desperate for housing at them time, so I brushed it off.  How bad can it be?  The answer, it turns out, is pretty bad.

I got stuck half-way up, my turn 20 yards away.  Oh boy, here we go.  I immediately turned on the hazard lights, in the event other cars came behind me, which they did, of course.  I can’t tell you how uncomfortable it is to be in a 2.5 ton vehicle, sliding backward down a hill with nothing to say about it.  Eventually, I got the truck under control and eventually reached my parking lot.  I pulled into a snowy bank and thanked St. Nick for not killing me on Christmas.  Needless to say, it was not an enjoyable experience.  The snow hasn’t let up since, so I don’t expect the truck will be straying far from the nest until the snow melts.

*Below are some photos from yesterday and this morning.

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2 thoughts on “‘White Friday’

  1. Hey my man! Merry Xmas! I enjoy your blog brotha. Hope everything is going well and there is always an open door in DC if you ever want to visit. Let’s make a trip to San Diego to visit Matty boy soon.

    • Duke, Merry Christmas! I have been so squirrelly lately that I forgot to say it earlier. m(_ _)m Thank you for the invite. Know you’re always welcome wherever I’m at too. San Diego would just fine with me! 😀

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