‘Swept Away’

I can’t recall where I first heard the idea, but I’ve recently begun creating music playlists of different years/times in my life.  Doesn’t sound all that ground breaking, but it has been surprisingly impactful.  You’ll hear a lot of people advising you not to live in the past and, to an extent, I agree, but there is something very magical about putting on headphones, closing your eyes and just letting the music transport you.  It’s about as close to time travel as I want to get right now and it in a somewhat ironic way, it has inspired me to want to get out there and make some new memories.  So, if you care to try it, I suggest picking a memorable period of your life, make a playlist of the songs you remember listening to during that time and drift away….

*here’s one from one from my most recent list, The Transition.  My friend Melanie sent it to me a couple of months ago and it’s been one of those songs that helps soothe the savage beast in me when I need it. Enjoy!


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