‘Went to Church’

The set up just before 'that band from Iceland' came on.

The set up just before ‘that band from Iceland’ came on.

Pardon the delay, I’ve been a bit busy of late.  My buddy Magic Mike from the ‘Corps’ sent me an e-mail a month or so ago informing me that he had ran into an old friend of his in NYC and that she was currently living near Denver, so he suggested we meet up.  The first time was a few weeks ago.  I had had a miserable day and was in no mood to meet anyone, let alone someone new, but since I said I’d go, I went through with it.  On my walk to the train I wound up attempting a short-cut and paid for it with cold mud that enveloped both my shoes and stained my jeans; wonderful, I thought, this is going to be a nice evening.


The man of the hour.

Well, as much as I didn’t feel like going out, I was even happier that I did once I met Kristen and her girlfriends.  There was nothing awkward about it and I wound up having a real laugh.  Before the nite was over, Kristen mentioned something about how she was going to go to Hozier’s concert alone.  I had no idea who Hozier was, but when I looked him up, I instantly recognized the song ‘Take me to Church,’ which I really dug.

Song 'In a Week'...lovely little tune.

Song ‘In a Week’…lovely little tune.

Of course, the only right thing for me to do at that point was to invite myself, so that’s what I did.  Kristen was kind enough to let me tag along, but sternly warned that I was not to get in the way of her seducing the lead singer.  Fair enough.  Because she wanted to get up close this character, we had wait outside in the cold with the other diehards for about an hour and a half.  I’m not sure if it was my shivering that tipped her off, but she could tell that I was a little underdressed and before long she had me wearing her jacket.  Not my proudest moment, but a kind gesture that I capitalized on.  When the doors to Ogden theater opened, it took exactly .047 seconds for Kristen to make her way to the front of the stage.  It happened so fast that I didn’t even notice she’d left and had to call her on the telephone to find out where she was.

Kristen was competing for Hozier's attention with this nice fellow from Santa Fe all evening.  They became friends in the end.

Kristen was competing for Hozier’s attention with this nice fellow from Santa Fe all evening. They became friends in the end.

Poor Kristen didn’t get to go home with her singer, but despite that, I like to believe she had a decent time.  I know I did.  (Thanks again Kristen!)  Incidentally, I’m giving the ‘Joe seal of approval’ to the Irishman .  The opener was good too. “I heard they’re from Iceland!?’


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