‘Mr. Ryan’s Neighborhood’

'Just add water,' he says.  I think there was a little more too it than that.

‘Just add water,’ he says. I think there was a little more too it than that.

Last Sunday my buddy Ryan, a.k.a. ‘The Rhino,’ asked if I could help him move house.  Among his many other virtuous qualities, he is one of the nicer individuals you’ll come across.  He is NOT a good salesman, however.  I could tell he felt bad about asking me to help, but I was actually happy to lend a hand and, little does he know,  I think I got the better end of the deal.  Here’s why.

First, I got to see his baby in the flesh, which is not something I’d normally be too pumped about, but little Fiona is actually kinda cute.  I still don’t like babies, but I can accept Fiona.  While I was attempting to connect with the baby, Ryan was playing short-order cook in the kitchen, making pancake after pancake.  I tried to keep pace, but there simply was no hope.   I also got to meet Alison’s (that’s Ryan’s lovely wife) parents, who were very nice.

IMG_0144I’ll spare you the details of the move, save this one.  At some point we had to pick up a couch and a love seat from ‘Uncle Kipp’s.’  I’d never met Uncle Kipp before, but he turned out to be a swell guy, and very generous to boot!  I made a comment about some art work on his wall and the next thing we know, not only are Ryan and I walking out of Uncle Kipp’s with some nice furniture, but some quality art pieces as well (you’re welcome, Ryan)!

Ryan took me to lunch at a cool sports bar after that and waited as patiently as he could while I finished my email.  Afterward we finished the delivery and called it a nite. Rhino said thank you a number of times, but, as I said, I honestly believe I should have been thanking him.  It felt good to do something tangible, help a friend and I came away with my first real piece of art.  All in all, a really great weekend!

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