‘Time Out’

A little time to reflect.

A little time to reflect.

Every now and then you have to stop, take a step back and survey the situation.  Oftentimes this isn’t your decision, it’s thrust upon you by some external circumstance.  I’d been going full tilt for too many weeks and it’s finally caught up to me.  I’ve been ‘snake-bit’ (thank you for that one, Mr. Martin!).  In the span of a couple of weeks I’ve gotten myself both sick and injured.  I hate to say I deserved it, but there’s some truth in that.  I should know my limits by now and, for the most part, I like to believe I’m wising up.  I suppose some lessons just take a while longer to sink in.

In any event, once I’m over this latest ordeal, I am hoping to change my ways a little.  I was feeling a overwhelmed with the speed of everything, so maybe this is a blessing in disguise.  A chance to quiet the noise and trim away the fat, so to speak.

Slow Down

Slow Down; Lake Merritt, Oakland, CA


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