‘Birds of a Feather: Thanksgiving 2015’

I have had some memorable Thanksgivings in some pretty interesting places over the years, but there’s really no place I’d rather be on ‘T-Day’ than home with my family (and Aunt Sharon’s cooking).  As recently as two weeks ago, my being here didn’t seem like a possibility, so I’m thrilled I was able to attend.

It can sometimes be a real challenge to see what we have, even when it’s right in front of our noses.  There is a great deal to be thankful for, however and for me, it all starts with this lot.  Dad, Brenda and Cody, I’m heading to yours next!

Here are a few photos from yesterday.  A huge thank you to Aunt Sharon and Uncle Chris for hosting!  Everything was top notch, as per usual.  Happy Thanksgiving to all!


4 thoughts on “‘Birds of a Feather: Thanksgiving 2015’

  1. Lovely pictures JB! Looks like someone worked their bum off. Love the coffee bar! Glad you had a nice Thanksgiving. We miss you. Love B

    • Thank you, Brenda! Miss you guys too. Going to get with Cody today and see what you guys have planned. Want to come say hello when everyone is free. See you soon! Love, me

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