‘May Days, May Days!’

A blur, that’s what May was, but a joyful one.  Back in November of last year, when the proverbial sh*t hit the fan, my friend Melanie invited me to join her and Katie at a couple of music festivals in Atlanta that were six months out.  Each respective festival had an artist or two that were high on my list of ‘one day I will do/see this‘ and I was feeling a little crazy at the time, so bought tickets for both.  I assumed I’d be living in Florida by that time anyway and could just drive up and spend a leisurely week in Atlanta, taking in the sites.

Fast forward six months and I’m living about as far away from the East Coast as you can get.  It was decision time.  I thought I might fly in for one of the festivals and try and sell the other ticket, but I wound up going to both. All up, that was about 7,000 miles worth of coast to coast travel over the course of consecutive weekends, plus work in in Tucson in between, but you know what? It was totally worth it!

Catching up with my crew, listening to some great music, enjoying (most of) the weather and I had, without a single doubt, the best pancakes ever; it was special!  Some of my highlights in the music department…My Morning Jacket, Bloc Party, The 1975, Explosions in the Sky (of course!) and…Melanie isn’t going to like this…Odesza (the weather cleared up just in time for them).  There were many others I enjoyed, and a ton of laughs that were most welcome.  Big thank you to Melanie for being such an awesome host, not once, but twice, and for the rest of the gang for listening to my insistent commentary…great times!




2 thoughts on “‘May Days, May Days!’

    • Yeah yeah yeah, I know, I know. 😝. In all seriousness, really was an awesome trip, thank you so much! I’ll return the favor one day. 😉

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