Got a very awesome surprise last week when my boy Matt, whom I’ve affectionately referred to as ‘Primo’ since our days in the ‘Corps’ (we shared an extended host family), told me he’d be coming to visit me in Tucson, AZ on way to Washington, D.C.  The Primo nickname started as something silly, but over the years, he has earned that title and then some.  I could ramble on about what a great human being Matt is, but I’ll just say that it was a pleasure catching up and I look forward to our next meeting.  Also, if you see this, Primo, good luck with the new gig…Hoo-RA!!!

*Below are some of the photos from the weekend.  The ones with a caption of ‘MBN’ are photos Primo took.



2 thoughts on “‘Primos’

  1. You live in Tucson! You’re the last man on earth!!! If you don’t post a blog called Alive in Tucson I’ll e-slap you. Amazing place by the way. Looks really cool with all those cacti. Love the photo of the sunset behind cacti. But 46°C! Faaak.

    • CammO, the rumors are true! The 46 is a handful at times, but that’s a summer deal. When the weather is on here, it’s nice as hell. Kind of like Florida in that regard. I’ll get to work on ‘Alive in Tucson.’ 😉 Loved your blog incidentally!

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