‘Alive and, well, in Tucson’

*This one goes out to Camm H. Gibson. **This is also a month late. :oP

The date is July 13th, 2016. I’m listening to the ‘Summer’s Gone‘ album by Odesza as I type this, but make no mistake, summer is in full swing here. Temperatures have been in the triple digits for weeks, hovering around 106-114 mark. Fortunately, ‘Monsoon Season‘ is just around the bend, and without a pool at my disposal, the rain offers the best chance to cool down; I’m looking forward to it.


‘It’s decided then!’ – an oldie from when Camm and I lived in Osakako.

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, for a good while, I’ve been mulling over the decision of whether to stay in Arizona or head back to Florida, but the last week or so has been the worst of it. I’ve finally made a decision however. Since my friend/landlord/neighbor was generous enough to offer me a short lease again, I decided to stay until December and re-evaluate things then. Plenty more questions await, but for now, it’ll be good to know where I’ll be living in near future.


3 thoughts on “‘Alive and, well, in Tucson’

  1. JB have I told you lately that I love you 💞💕💖! Im so happy you made your decision! Cool dude, God bless you and we’ll meet up again hopefully in December 💨❄️⛄️☃🌬

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