“Milky Hat”

Rena and the gang

That’s my friend Yayoi’s friend’s daughter in the middle.  Her name is Rena and she belongs to a girl group called “Milky Hat.”  I don’t know what the milky bit is about, but they all wear hats, so that much is clear.

Yayoi, Stephen (a buddy I work with) and I attended “Milky Hat’s” performance last week at a local mall.  Generally speaking, I am not a big fan of Japanese pop(s), but they were better than I had anticipated.  Furthermore, Rena was probably the best of the bunch, so I think Yayoi was feeling proud (she used to teach her when she was a child).

big fan

Perhaps the best part of the afternoon was watching the ‘otaku’ (nerds) in the front row sweating and bopping to the music.  They knew all the girl’s moves, which was both highly entertaining and off the charts creepy.  Apparently they follow “Milky Hat” to all of their performances.

Whatever your tastes in music are, you have to give them credit for putting in the work and making it happen.  I don’t know if I could put on a shinny red number and sing and dance in front of hundreds of strangers?

I am happy I was able to go and support Rena and I hope she takes it as

Yayoi, Stephen, Rena and Me

far as she wants it to go.  I admire people who go after what they want, unless they’re into taxidermy or something.

I tip MY milky hat off to you and your crew, Rena.  Special thanks to Yayoi San for having Stephen and I along.


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