2…1…Everything Changes

This is my last day in Lakeland, Fl, for some time and it’s going to be a hectic one.  I am not ready, but I never will be.  Like most everything else I’ve attempted, I’m just going to have to jump in and learn as I go.  Ready or not, Indonesia, here I come!

To my family and friends here in the U.S., I will miss you dearly, but two and a half years goes by sooner than we think (or, in many cases, hope).  To my crew in Japan and Australia, I’m looking forward to reuniting again and finally, to my Ma, you have nothing to worry about; truly!  I love you!  ;o)

Thanks for all the support, gang.  I will try my best to make you proud.

Stewart, out.

P.S. I always used to listen to this when I traveled somewhere.



5 thoughts on “2…1…Everything Changes

  1. Love that new photo, hero!
    I saw your message and I’ll send you an email. Hope your first days/weeks go well for you. がんばってね!

    • Jill! So far it’s been a whirlwind. My internet is a little shaky now, but when I get a chance, I’ll send you a real deal e-mail. Talk soon!

      がんばてます! 😉

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