Be back soon!

So far, so hectic! They (the P.C.) wasn’t lying when they said we would be busy over here. The first week I probably slept a total of 10 hours and that is including flight time. I’m not complaining, just letting you know what it’s like. I’m going to buy a memory stick so I can put some photos on here (I’m at an internet cafe), but until then, know that I am alive and, well, a mess! 😉


11 thoughts on “Be back soon!

  1. Oa I hope you get some good sleep soon.i Knox,m.allhere is good.except Eddie ran off with someone that was picking through the stuff put out on thur. Night. Sorry all I could see it was a truck. Ha ha just kidding. He is a spoiled rat.yeah RAT.but he loves and misses you too.

  2. Hi honey,Sara has you blog now too. Hope you are feeling better. Is it ok to give it to auntie Nona? Does Kim have it? I have her e mail. How about j.j.? Xoxox

    • Ma, you can give it to anyone you want. ;o) I’ll send you a message when I get off this. Still no phone yet, but should have one soon.

      Love ya!

    • haha, Rene, if only I could have a documentary crew follow me around my new house…pure comedy gold! The lack of communication is is both a constant source of frustration and amusement for all.

  3. Joepan, no, I mean Man of Action! Good to hear you’re there safely mate.
    Looking forward to reading about your escapades here.
    Take it easy and stay safe.

    Matt + Toshiko

    • I was really looking forward to you reading that, lol. It’s all you and I thought I’d pay homage. Thus far, there hasn’t been a lot of “action” per se, but I have certainly been busy! So much to say, so little time, but rest assured that you would find this absolutely hilarious! Looking forward to catching up, amigo. Give Toshiko a hug for me….


    • Thank you, Brenda! All is well on my end. I’m about to post a new one after I send my reply to you, but I haven’t worked out a safe way to send photos yet. Love and you miss you guys too!

  4. Joesticle, just thought I’d say hello. Good luck settling in. Where abouts are you in Indonesia? You be good girl!

    • Crow! Things are beginning to slow down a bit, but not the language is still getting. I suppose it would help if I studied. For the next 9 weeks I will be here in a village called “Oro Oro Ombu,” which is somewhere in East Java. It’s a beautiful place, but has a few of the same problems a lot of other over populated places deal with. After this, I will be off to some other, more remote place by the sound of it. Wherever it may be, I’ll keep you posted. Let me know how you’re doing when you get a chance!

      Joesticle, out.

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